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Specialists in criminal law

We will lead you out of the labyrinth

The lawyers at Hermens Van Spanje Advocaten fully understand that you have to deal with many things when you are facing an arrest or a subpoena. That’s why it’s important you’ll be ensured of the best legal assistance. We believe in supporting our clients extensively, in studying the case thoroughly with you, and in an assertive approach in Court or Tribunal. We don’t make any promises to our clients that we won’t be able to keep.

The lawyers at Hermens Van Spanje Advocaten have built up years of expertise in the fields of regular, financial and traffic-related criminal law. It includes cases such as homicide, (aggravated) assault, drugs, human trafficking, fraud, domestic violence, asset recovery, and matters regarding road traffic regulations.

In addition, we specialise in criminal administrative law. This means we also file administrative procedures with a criminal-law component. Examples of these would be appeals to the office issuing driving licenses ‘Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen’, in case of problems with a driving license, or against ‘Dienst Justis’ in case it refuses to issue a certification of good behaviour.

We always make clear financial arrangements, so our clients know exactly where they stand in this regard as well. Of course we are willing to represent you too with publicly financed legal assistance. In that case you will only have to contribute a legal fee established by the ‘Raad voor Rechtsbijstand’, or Office for Legal Assistance.

You can contact us for a non-binding appointment at our offices.

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